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California Vaping Company

Make Our E-Liquid as Safe as Possible for Our Clients – “Where is Your E-Liquid Made?”

All California Vaping Company E-Liquid is made in a clean lab environment where we self-regulate ourselves. We believe that just because there are not official laws in place on this industry, it does not mean that we shouldn’t take the necessary precautions for our clients. This includes using lab and medical grade equipment as well as thoroughly cleaning our facility multiple times a day and in between flavors. We source our pharmaceutical grade nicotine and USP/Kosher grade PG and VG from reputable sources, with only the highest of standards. In addition, we strictly limit who comes in contact with our E-Liquid while making it for both safety and quality concerns.


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  • Re-Fresh
    Product Description: The freshest menthol medley yet. Enjoy a cooling concoction of lemon, lime, and cucumber while being blown away by an intense mint flavor from organic mint leaves. Blend: 40PG / 60VG Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg ..
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